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Suite "Tsukiakari no Aki" for unaccompanied mixed chorus (2018)

Suite "Watashi to Kotori to Suzu to" for mixed chorus, piano, clarinet, and string quintet (2019)

In Paradisum (2020)

Utsukushiimono (2020)

Sanctus (2021) Score

Suite "Katamuita Yozora no Shita de" for Mixed Chorus and Piano  (2021)

Missa Brevis (2018~2022)


Nemuri no Izanai (2020)

Haru no Ame (2021)


Chamber music

Variations on an Original Theme for Flute and Piano (2017)

Mini Trio for 3 Musician (2018)​

Chorale Variations and Blues for Violin and Piano (2019)

Seiseiruten for 6 Musician (2020)​


Memories from the Book of Revelation for Orchestra (2021)

Other Works

Music reading theater "Dream of the Little Mermaid" (2021)

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